This is How to Accompany Children Healthy Associate on Social Media

Mother of a teenage child suddenly asked to make a social media account like his friends. Even though his age has not yet reached the age limit the conditions for creating the account. Mother is also worried that she is not ready to interact in cyberspace. What should be done? Actually the virtual world, including social media, is no different from the real world. Children who will enter social media, should be given preparation. Do not let the media that should be useful in adding networks of information, friendship and knowledge, in fact can cause bad effects for children who are not ready. Social Media and Self Confidence Mother realize it or not, social media can build or drop a person's confidence, especially children. Like adults, children might also check how many people like the photos or videos they upload. Also check how many followers his account. The small number of accounts that follow or like the upload might make it less confident. He can also believe that how
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